13 April 2014


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So I flew back to Lion City on Friday to celebrate the Songkran water festival in Singapore at WAVEHOUSE! At first I was a little taken a back after looking at the line up ... everyone was a DJ, AKA. MAJOR club dance music and I was, ermm, not so much. Still, I was over the moon with the chance to perform and took it as a challenge to still try and get the crowd going with my more pop-ish numbers. So logically I went for the danciest numbers I had!

Far East Movement at soundcheck. They sounded AMAZING. I always forget how much I love dancing - I rarely go clubbing because of all the alcohol and late nights but I literally LOVE dancing - my body was going crazy trying to sit still and all professional-like.

Soundcheck was long. Like 3 hours long. Luckily the family decided to join me as I was only in Singapore a few days.

Hot weather. Coconuts gone.

Finally up on stage! I'm not gonna lie, I did feel a bit awkward after all that heavy bass stepping on. I imagined later I'd feel a bit like how maybe Taylor or Hilary would feel playing at a club. Had to keep my confidence up!

Michelle at SG <3 FACE at Holland Village is a miracle worker. I always leave feeling like Cinderella!

Show time!

Credit: Jamie Ho

Credit: Jamie Ho

Water was being thrown left right and centre. I was lucky not to get soaked but I unfortunately can't say the same about my poor mother who was CHASED by a water gun!

Credit: Jamie Ho

I had such a great time! I felt like a little pop princess coming on after all the "GET YO ******* HANDZZZZ UP" stuff being all "hi guys!", but I still werrrrked the dancing the best I could! I mean the dance music was amazing but I'm glad I stayed true to my music and didn't spontaneously try and get cool (I'm really not a very cool person - I'll have to work on that.. one day).

Far East Movement! What performers! I was at the stage side dancing my butt off! I really wanted to be in the crowd though. You just know people are watching you go crazy solo being like whaaaat.... but it was all too good not to!


Got home in the early hours of the morning with my family. It was a weird feeling like we'd all just been clubbing together or something. Only thing to do was make a post-night out meal! NOODLE TAIME!

Mum and I then snuggled up and watched the latest episode of SCANDAL. Decided to wait 'til after the performance to make it extra special (All the gladiators out there will relate). Who else watches the show? I rarely watch TV shows but this one has me hook, line and sinker.



  1. My friend's been watching it but i'm more into The Walking Dead, you should watch that if you haven't already, it's really good (not because of the zombies)

    1. I've heard so man good things! Will have to look into that and Game Of Thrones!

  2. you look soo beautiful ming *.* do you even realise how perfect you are? absolutly stunning! you and your sister both are flawless and blessed. 2 perfect angels :) thank you for sharing this beautiful photos with us so that we who couldnt be there also have an impression of how it was :)

    1. You are far far too sweet - thank you! I'm glad you like the post!

  3. Stumble upon your blog through blog me. Great simple and humble sharing. I like your simplicity. :)

  4. I went "crazy solo" during their set, too. Don't worry about it. #CantDenyGoodMusic :)


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